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Arts Ignite’s program partners in India

Arts Ignite has two enduring partnerships in India, supporting arts education for young people and ongoing professional development for educators. 

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About the program

Arts Ignite at the Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project

A team of 10-12 Arts Ignite Teaching Artists lead a two-week art camp each spring for the students at Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project, a school and home near Bengaluru, India. Shanti Bhavan is a school and home for children affected by India’s caste system. The program enhances the personal development, academic achievement, and leadership skills for these students.

Arts Ignite and Teach for India

In 2013, Arts Ignite and Teach for India (TFI) joined forces to integrate the arts into the academic classroom. They organized and produced the MAYA project, an original musical performed by TFI students. Today, AI Teaching Artists team up with TFI Teaching Fellows to incorporate the arts into educational curricula in new ways—such as using music to help teach fractions, or using theater to help teach language arts. By sharing artistic tools to bolster classroom teaching, Arts Ignite introduces new paths for student engagement. 

Partner Stories

MAYA: A Teach For India Broadway Musical (2014)

MAYA, a partnership between Teach For India and Arts Ignite, was more than just the promise of a spectacular show; it represented the kind of education all young people deserve. The MAYA Musical created a journey through an arts-integrated education,  combining exposure and access, values and mindsets, and academic achievement. The show featured an original script and score, telling the story of Princess Maya’s journey.  

Bringing MAYA from page to stage

Tasked with bringing light back into her kingdom, Maya and her friends use the values of courage, compassion, and wisdom to lift three curses that have been cast on the world. The show took the students on a whirlwind journey of self-discovery where they, like Maya, discover their values, potential, and bright inner light. 

Impact multiplied through the arts

MAYA aims to reach all of Teach For India’s 32,000 students through the MAYA book, curriculum, and film—all of which use arts integration to inspire students to build their own values and discover their full potential! 

Students performs on stage

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