Introducing Musicians United for Social Equity (MUSE)

Since 2006, ASTEP has worked to harness the power of the arts to help children break the cycles of poverty they were born into. Still, we understand all too well that barriers to access and opportunity don’t cease when one enters adulthood — in fact, for many of our students and colleagues from historically marginalized communities, the industries they enter harbor their own interlocking and mutually-reinforcing biases. Broadway is not immune to this. That is why we are beyond proud to partner with MUSE, a multi-racial collective of Music Directors, Arrangers, Orchestrators, and Composers working to develop pipelines for musicians of color who aim to work in theater but are seldom granted access. Committed to cultivating more racial equity in the industry, MUSE will partner with like-minded organizations to offer, among other services: a free online database of musicians of color, music assistant fellowships, mentorship opportunities, education, outreach and more.

Please click here to learn more about this exciting and necessary new initiative.

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