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Freedom dreaming together

I/magine invites students to dream of the world they wish to live in—and collaborate towards that vision through the arts.

Student in bear costume leans against wall winking
Student participating in talent show

About the Program

From observation to creation

Piloting in 2022, the I/magine program is a five-part residency in which students evolve from arts spectators to art-makers rooted in community impact. Led by a team of Arts Ignite Teaching Artists, this ongoing long-term engagement in both artistry and community guides young people into deeper, more complex ways of seeing and thinking about the world.

Changing communities through the arts

I/magine supports students in creating and maintaining interpersonal relationships with those who may possess differing viewpoints and communication patterns. It also teaches them how to develop their self-definition through artistic expression. Each I/magine residency culminates in a final project devised by participants at the intersection of the arts and their community. To learn more about bringing the I/magine program to your school, please reach out to our team via the contact link below.  

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