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Creative Activity Kits

We deliver Arts Ignite Creative Activity Kits, filled with art supplies and specially crafted workbooks, to children across New York City every month. These inspiring collections invite young people to participate in new creative experiences, independently or together with their caregivers.

Child holding Creative Activity Kit
Child receiving Creative Activity Kit

About the program

Inspired by the voices of our partners

Arts Ignite developed the Creative Activity Kit initiative, a technology-free arts program for young people ages 4 months to 16 years old, in order to meet the continuing needs of our youth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Listening to the voices of our community partners throughout New York City, the first Creative Activity Kits were distributed in March 2021 as an engaging, creative learning solution. They’re designed to counter the challenges of inequitable access to the internet and learning devices—as well as the Zoom fatigue—that our youth experience.

Self-guided instruction and monthly inspiration

2021 was a great year for our Creative Activity Kit initiative, and 2022 is projected to have an even greater impact. We have expanded our kits to include activities for a wider age and developmental range, as well as multiple languages. We have plans to distribute beyond New York City, with 200+ kits going out each month! To learn more about bringing Creative Activity Kits into your community—or to sponsor kits for others—please reach out to our team via the contact link below. 

Partner Stories

Staying connected during a time of social distancing

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, city-wide research echoed what we were hearing from our partners: students from some of our most vulnerable communities were doubly impacted by inconsistent access to quality wifi and digital devices. 

A pandemic-inspired solution

We wanted to connect with our students through the arts, but without relying on technology. The Creative Activity Kits initiative supplied young people across NYC the same arts-rich learning found in an Art Ignite classroom—but in a fun take-home bag, filled with a month’s worth of themed art supplies and activities. 


From our partners

“As our team prepares for the summer season, we want to circle back and share that Arts Ignite was one of our favorite programs last summer. At WIN, we are incredibly grateful for your previous and ongoing support. We believe that all Arts Ignite programming and initiatives have offered valuable opportunities for children to reduce screen time while learning.”  – Mariana Carmona, WIN Volunteer Services Coordinator

Win Culinary Art CAK June 2021
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