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At Arts Ignite, we welcome professional teaching artists to join us in cultivating the creative capacity, community, and courage that young people need to thrive through quality artistic learning experiences.

Not a teaching artist? Arts Ignite also continues to offer inspiring volunteer opportunities here!


Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy format)
Social Identity
At Arts Ignite, we believe in the power of representation.  In introducing young people to new artists and ideas, we also strive to place Teaching Artists in communities where they share some lived experience and/or social identity with the children they’re teaching. To that end, for the next four questions, we invite you to share whatever information about your identity that you are comfortable with! All questions are optional.

Gender Identity (for ex: Agender, Female, Nonbinary, Male, Trans, etc.)Racial/Ethnic Identity (for ex: American Indian/of Indigenous Descent, Black/of African Descent, White/of European Descent, of Asian Descent, of Middle Eastern Descent, of Hispanic or Latinx Ethnicity, Mixed, etc)Languages (Spoken or Written)Anything else about your social identity you’d like to share?Please select the art forms that you are comfortable teaching (Ctrl-Click to choose all that apply) In 1-2 lines, please tell us more about your artistryIn 1-2 lines, please briefly describe your teaching artist experience (virtual or in-person) and add a link to your resume (optional)In 1-2 lines, please share why are you interested in teaching with Arts IgniteAre you interested in any programs in particular? (Ctrl-Click to choose all that apply)

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Child Safeguarding

All Arts Ignite Teaching Artists must complete a successful background check and adhere to the Arts Ignite Child Safeguarding Policy.

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